A Tribute to Dragon Warrior III

PurpleOrbSince 1993/1994 when I first played this game, I felt it was the best Nintendo game ever. Reliving my memories playing it again on my computer using an emulator program, I remembered some more tricks and tips that I wanted to share with any and everyone who are Dragon Warrior fans. Remember, these tips and tricks are for the original DWIII on the 8-bit Nintendo system… not for any remakes.

slimeUp Your Chances To Receive Rare Items
You need a high amount of Luck to get treasure chests from your enemies. Goof-Offs are known to have high luck. (One of my Goof-Offs had his luck increased by 255 points turning level 40. No, that’s not a typo. 255 points.) If you fight with 3 GFs behind you, it’s nothing to get Thor Swords, Mysterious Hats and even Shoes of Happinesses!

redslimeThe Terrible Eatery Program Code
I once shared the tip about the bug in Luisa’s Eatery and how you can learn the first half of the hero’s spells by filling up the party list. I no longer promote this trick as being “good”. The chance of important items disappearing and turning up with 0 gold pieces… or even someone forgetting all their spells is too great. I suggest that you copy your game file to another slot before messing around at the eatery. You don’t want a useful item like the Staff of Thunder or the Sage’s Stone to just up and disappear. Oh… and you can’t get back those items!

metalslimeThe Parry/Action Trick
Anyone who has studied the DWIII manual knows about the parry trick. You can parry, cancel the command, then fight. You can suffer only half the damage issued to you by your foes and still kick ass! It’s a good way to finish DWIII in a record time of 24 hours! (Without any speed hacks.)

slimeA Beginner’s Quick Level Up
Dragon Warrior III 1To the west of Kanave Village, there is a river. Go north to the very end of that river circled on the screenshot to the left where you encounter Old Hags, Grizzlies, and what not. If you have a wizard with the Poison Needle, try to meet up with some Bomb Crags. Have everyone else parry. Only the wizard should attempt to automatically kill them. Kill all four and you’ll receive about 880 Experience Points. The money looks good, too.

redslimeCheat On Monster Betting
If you have the Silver Harp, go to a fight arena and use it. Then, make a bet. You’ll notice that the first monster’s name is blank. Betting on it is like betting on the second monster. If the second monster wins, you’ll receive money from the odds of the first monster. Play with it a little more. It can be a little confusing, but winning on the odds of 100.4 is really something. You never have to worry about money again.

metalslimeThe Hidden Secret of the Zombie Slasher
One time, I was fighting Metal Babbles. My Pilgrim, equipped with a Zombie Slasher, instantly killed one of those things issuing 28 points of damage. I couldn’t believe what I saw, and it rarely happens. Just one more reason to have Zombie Slashers.

slimeThe Bounce/RobMagic Trick
When an enemy casts Bounce on itself, cast RobMagic on it. As you may think, you will rob your own magic… but there’s a bug. When the points are tacked back on, you’ll should notice that the math isn’t right! Meaning that most of the time, you’ll get back more Magic Points. Once in a blue moon will you lose points. This trick does not work on party members.

redslimeThe Sword of Illusion in Portoga
So many players miss this. After you defeat Baramos, go to Portoga where you got the ship from the king. If you can remember, the two lovers, Carlos and Sabrina, had a curse put on them by Baramos. Since the archfiend is defeated, the curse is broken. See Carlos and Sabrina sitting at a table south of the entrance of the castle town. Talk to Sabrina to get the sword. Wow. A sword only women can use. Even though all women classes can’t equip this weapon, you can USE it.

metalslimeThe Golden Crown
I know I’m not the only one who likes to walk around as the king of Romaly after retrieving the Golden Crown from Kandar and delivering it to His Majesty. But why? The Golden Crown is the strongest helmet for wizards before the Mysterious Hat! Just get the crown and NEVER talk to the king of Romaly with the crown in your inventory.

slimeThe Best Place For High Level-Ups
Wanna get your party members to Level 50 or higher in good time? I find that the tower where Rubiss is sealed in is perfect to train in! Just go to the second floor and play around on the twisty tiles and fight Leonas, Winged Demons, and of coarse, Metal Babbles. You should find it easy to have won more than one Shield of Sorrows and maybe a Sword of Illusion or even a set of Shoes of Happiness. If you want, you can go on the floor where Rubiss was a stone statue and fight Magiwyverns. Just give a wizard the Meteorite Armband and have ’em cast Snowstorm. In time, you should even win a Mysterious Hat.

redslimeJust For Kicks – 1
I think Dragon Warrior III has great replay value. So it should be no secret to anyone that after you beat the game, the Hero’s status is no longer “Hero”. It’s “Erdrick”. That also means that you can FINALLY give your main character a rest and let other party members have their hand at leading everyone against Zoma! Anyway… if you really want to challenge yourself, control only two characters. Have one equipped with a swimsuit (A Revealing Swimsuit or a Magic Bikini). Have the other equipped with the Animal Suit. Can you beat the game with a cutie walking her cat? I did! Click this link for the video!

metalslimeJust For Kicks – 2
Dragon Warrior introduced enemies such as Slimes and Red Slimes in the beginning. However, in DWII, there were only the regular slimes and those ugly slugs. I like the Red Slimes! That’s why I thought it was kinda cool that they came back in DWIII just when I thought Enix was fazing out those little guys! Anyway… I thought it was amusing that when DWIII came out, M&Ms, after many years, had finally brought back their “RED” M&Ms. So after seeing Red Slimes in DWIII, I said to myself the catch phrase in the M&Ms commercial back then… “They even brought the red ones back!”

slimeA Possible Easter Egg
errol and oliviaRemember how you have to find the Pirate Ghost Ship to get the Locket of Love so you can use it to release the curse of Olivia over the narrow strip of water? It’s where she jumped to her death because of her sadness over fearing the worst for her beloved Errol. After learning about the old 1938 movie “The Adventures Of Robin Hood”, and another old movie “They Died With Their Boots On”, I realized that the main two stars were named Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. These two movie stars played together in a lot of movies back then! Could there have been an “Errol and Olivia” fan among the creators or translators of this game?

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